Penca Zábila pure juice Aloe Vera 1000ml - 99,7%

Penca Zábila Purer Aloe Vera Saft 1000ml - 99,7%

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Our juice has in its total content 99.7% organic juice of aloe vera. The other 0.3% content are preservatives that help the product have greater durability.

We use few preservatives thanks to the integral processing in the Airless Cold Tunnel (World exclusive technology Penca Zábila ®). This manufacturing process allows our aloe not to become contaminated or oxidized.

To guarantee the purity of our organic aloe vera juice, we prepare it with 1350gr of fresh canary Aloe leaves Barbadensis Miller Canariensis. In addition, our aloe is not pasteurized and does not contain dehydrated powders, flavorings, dyes or aloin.

Our 99.7% pure organic aloe vera juice is characterized by:

  • Aloe Organic Farming
  • Maximum Active Principles 1: 2884 ppm Acemanano. Best Aloe in the World · Kölhn Spectral Laboratory in Germany.
  • Maximum Active Principles 2: 23.3% of Acemanano of the total solids · Atlantic Center of the Medicine.
  • Food Sanitary Registry: nº 21.25696 / TF.
  • Net content: 1000 ml
  • Ingredients: Fresh Pure Aloe Vera 99.7% and preservatives the remaining 0.3%, containing: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, natural citric acid, potassium sorbate and potassium bisulfite meta.

How to use: To be able to enjoy all the properties of organic aloe vera juice, it is recommended to drink 20-25 ml of aloe juice twice a day. Ideally, you should take it on an empty stomach every morning and in the evenings before bed, in its pure state or otherwise, diluted with natural juices of pineapple, orange, papaya, mango etc.

Remember that once you have opened the 99.7% pure organic aloe vera juice you must keep it in the fridge.


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