Hierroaloe Natural Aloe Vera Deodorant (80% Pure Aloe Vera Juice) 50ml

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Fresh organic Aloe without added water. Processed at room temperature with maximum energy savings.

Grown, produced and packed on our farm in El Hierro.

All ingredients permitted in code of organic cosmetics.

Organic Aloe Vera plantations from El Hierro (Canary Islands)

Pioneers in using pyramid energy in all our processed and packaged products.

Natural deodorant with a high content of Aloe Vera, (80%). In addition to being long-lasting and effective, it is formulated with 100% natural ingredients that hydrate and soothe the skin. The combination of ingredients such as Aloe vera, coconut oil, tea tree and sodium bicarbonate, prevents bacteria from proliferating, offering long-lasting and effective protection.

Lavender and tea tree essential oils give HierroAloe Deodorant a fresh and pleasant scent. Its roll-on application system makes it more comfortable and easy to use.

It does not contain aluminum, nor parabens, nor mineral oils, nor synthetic colorants, nor chemical preservatives, nor GMO, nor PEG.

Its high content of Aloe Vera gives it penetrating properties up to the sweat glands that clean in depth, its benefits are also for the different glands near the armpit area, that is why our HierroAloe deodorant is more than a deodorant, an effective cleanser and an ally for our health.

The results will be visible depending on each person, the normal thing is that they are in a few days, in more difficult cases you have to continue applying until you achieve the desired results.


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