Vidaloe from Fuerteventura

Vidaloe from Fuerteventura

All Vidaloe products are made with the maximum possible percentage of fresh organic Aloe Vera, grown, prepared and packaged on our farm in Fuerteventura. They contain natural ingredients of plant origin accepted in organic cosmetics, free of chemicals and toxins that can harm our body.

They have the minimum components necessary for the effectiveness of the formulation and all are biodegradable. They are processed at room temperature with maximum energy savings. They don’t have added water and unpasteurized to maintain the maximum effectiveness of the active ingredients.

They are free of phenoxyethanol, dimethicones, acrylates, GMOs, pegs, nanoparticles, phthalates ... They do not contain dyes, synthetic perfumes, or harmful preservatives, without irritants or cell toxins. They are free of petroleum derivatives (parabens, silicones, carbomers, paraffins, mineral oils, bht, bha, ...), without hormonal disruptors or products that release formaldehyde.

They have the own smell of Aloe Vera or a subtle brushstroke of pure essential oils, carefully selected that provide a light aroma along with their properties and extra benefits. They have been created, designed and packaged to ensure the integrity and enjoyment of their content.

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